Founded in 1817 - Pastry Shop - Confectionery - Via Montenapoleone 8, Milan - Historic Place Watch the Video Presentation




Pastry Shop - Confectionery

"Since 1817 we have continued to reinterpret, enhance and personalise our classic recipes through tasteful refinements that exalt each individual ingredient"

Historic Place

""Cova", which opened in 1817 beside the famous "La Scala" theatre, was founded by Antonio Cova, a soldier under Napoleon who had first 'campaigned' as a pastry cook in the Galleria De Cristoforis."

"A retreat for members of high-society whose elegant conversation played out to the accompaniment of wistful violins and velvety flutes, they sat around its tables savouring cocktails and debating the "making of Italy"."

"Now an in-vogue venue combining art, work and pleasure in a warm, suffused atmosphere, a meeting place not only for the townspeople of Milan but also for an international clientele"

"In 2007/2008, Cova received two important awards from Milan City Council and Lombardy Provincial Authority that attest to its ongoing efforts and significant contribution to the city economy."


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